Divide and conquer: The unfortunate reality of Malaysian politics

It’s a domino effect. It breeds and multiplies. It ravages the nation of its moral and intellectual resources. The division that requires the unity of a kind.

Malaysian politics are fast becoming more race based and divisive in nature. Policies of inclusiveness and social uplifting are lost or unspoken. I have been jerked by my conscience to break my vow of silence.

A flawed education system is a silent scourge that devours our young. Instead of focusing on character building and unity we have divided our mainstream schools to multi lingual facets. Certain neighboring countries realized the detrimental effect of this system and instead focused on preserving the language and heritage of the races in a single stream education system. This system encourages each race to learn their language and cultural heritage but binds them in the same schooling system.

Meritocracy is a double edged sword. It can only work if individuals are playing on a level field. The son of an oil tycoon in our rich capital and the child of an indigenous tribe in the interiors of Sarawak cannot be rewarded by singular assessment. We should consider the socioeconomic status and the performance of the individual regardless of their race, color or creed before rewarding them.

The drain of our intellectual wealth is well known. Our bright students have all ventured out of our country preferring the pastures of developed countries instead of coming back to serve ours. We are to be blamed as we have denied them of an environment free of racial tension to name but a few. Many have been robbed of a chance to set things right. Quite a few have already given up on their nation.

Poverty practices universal blindness. It does not recognize race or religion. Policies should not focus on eradication of poverty in a single group of race or color. We should focus on the community as a whole.

Corruption drains the nation of its resources. It is wise to remember that we are a very rich country. There is more than enough for all of us. The unequal distribution of our wealth with the scourge of corruption is bringing our nation to its knees. Adding racial division and disharmony will only drive the knife in further.

The multitude of traditions, customs and religions should not impede unity. On the contrary, it should embrace and include all. The very essence of its existence should be to preach and convey tolerance. Dirty and divisive politics should never be allowed to mix with the sanctity of any religion.

Managed wisely, this country has enough resources and wealth to last many generations. But our moral resources and conscience are fast depleting. The signs are clear. If we travel this path we will soon reach the end of the cliff.

It has never been about the election. Its always been about us, the children of this beautiful and blessed nation. Let us unite regardless of the outcome of this coming election. Let us radiate tolerance and raise our children to embrace differences instead of fearing for their rights. Let us free this country of the persecution of corruption. Let us speak up against racial and religious prejudice and stereotypes.

Our dream of living in a tolerant and prosperous Malaysia will indeed become a reality.

4 responses to “Divide and conquer: The unfortunate reality of Malaysian politics

  1. I certainly agree with the sentiment of your article. Who in their right minds would disagree with meritocracies, human right, equitable distribution of wealth eradicating corruption.

    Anyone who read into Malaysian politics and blogs will be forgiven if they indeed thinks that Malaysia is a failed state. This is self evidently false. We have an almost uninterrupted economic growths until now. During the Mahathir years we recorded non-stop 8% economic growth and the only country that rivalled us is China. Our GDP per head has grown exponentially, our inflation is consistently low, and our unemployment rate is the envy of many countries. Just to give a comparisons let us see countries such as USA, Britain, Europen Union, Spain, Greece, Italy ad infinitum. It might surprise you that all of them have higher unemployent rates, slower economic growth, bigger diparities between rich and poor, and worse Debt vs GDP ratio.May I add also that none of the countries above has government funded vernacular schools for their minorities.

    We should not underestimate the difficulties in managing a peaceful multi-racial country such as ours. I was in London for 6 years. Their non-white populations constitute less than 10% of the populations and flip through their newspapers and nary a day passed without complaints about immigrants and Britishness. I stressed again, less than 10%.Imagine the magnitude in our country.

    And lets not forget the elephant in the room. For me the polarisation of the country is the direct result of arabisation and the rise of political Islam in Malaysia which dates since the Iranian revolution in 1979. The real fight if we really want to save our country is to keep it secular, to separate religion and state, to fight tooth and nail against moral policing, literature censorship, and barbaric hudud law.


  2. We are not a failed state economically at present. But the social consequences are far reaching. Corruption is undoubtedly at its peak. What is the point of technological advances and steady economical growth when we do not have the fundamentals of a cultured nation? This needs to be addressed. Other advances will follow suit.


  3. And what is the fundamentals of a cultured nations? It is certainly not the way of Fundamental Islam, the religious zealotry of the christian right ( which by the way is the biggest supporter of Republicans party that believe in Creationism, Islamophobic, against stem-cell research, for the atrocities comitted by the zionist regime).We can’t be so cavalier about our future and entrusted untrustworthy individuals with political powers especially when our freedom is at stakes. One sometimes wonder why is a certain leader is so beloved by certain quarters in United States, Britain and Australia.He who has been proven as an inept finance minister and as his personal ambition is shattered make a complete about face villifying the party that he served for many a years.

    The media propaganda in the internet certainly smell very much like the spin that I read in the states and UK media whereby a false perception is build up and taken avidly especially by the so called intellegentsia who in my opinion have intelligent but lack wisdom.

    And in matter of nation building first and foremost is always economics and education that is of utmost important, after all, Japan has been reduced to middling power after 2 decades of stagflation, China become a superpower and great in tandem with economic growth, Hitler Germany rise in power due to massive inflation, unemployment and reparation payment brought by treaty of versailles, USA was decisive in 2nd world war due to their millitary might which was enable by economic might, the Soviet Union collapse as their controlled economy is simply unsuccessful and have no money to keep things together and they are many many other examples.

    I conceded that Malaysia is certainly not perfect but give me better alternatives than a fundamentalist Islamist party, a chameleon motivated by burning desire to become prime minister and nothing else, and a Party that scream racism but only contest in chinese majority seats, where in the party election all 20 of their members are chinese (bar one). Give me better alternatives and I will vote for that party. But this shambolic party, I for one wont fall for it.


  4. The fundamentals are clearly one free from racism and prejudice. Period. This article was not meant as a political campaign for any particular party but to address the racial division in our society. As I mentioned regardless of who wins this election the nation has to unite regardless of race, color, creed, tribe and religious beliefs.


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