Listen when I speak: The Malaysian paradigm

I have leaped into a bandwagon. “Bavani” is perhaps the most searched word in Malaysian Google. “Sharifah” not so far behind and for contrasting reasons. A single event which was purposed as a harmless university students “brainwashing” session became a Facebook and YouTube phenomenon. Watch out Gangnam Style!

I have always distanced myself from politics. I believe I still have not met a politician in this country who truly deserves my vote. Our politics and policies are becoming more race based and divisive in nature. True politics should speak on policies and encourage intelligent criticism. This was exactly what Bavani did.

I believe Malaysians are inherently intelligent and discerning. We know the truth and can see through veils of deception. The so called forum in UUM was only a propaganda right from the start from desperate individuals sending out like minded minions to bend the will and opinion of the “young” to their flawed character and policies. If it was indeed regarding the welfare of women and children, I would like to know the number of toddlers, infants and foetuses affected by the BERSIH rally!

Freedom of speech should be tempered with honesty and respect. That is an undeniable fact. Respect on the other hand is earned and it’s not a birthright as some assume. It’s definitely not earned by eloquently albeit inappropriately describing animal cruelty in the world. And certainly not by taking away the voice of another by forcibly removing their microphone while they speak. If this single act of democracy is withheld from a person, then we are indeed like animals who can’t voice out their opinion.

Honest criticism is a powerful tool and motivation. It helps us to grow out of our shells. We can adopt a different view and adapt accordingly if needed. People who are comfortable in their own skin will welcome criticism. It is those at the opposite end of a moral spectrum who will fear criticism as it will reveal the true nature of their intents and weaknesses.

True education starts when we respect each other for our differences and accept our flaws for improvement. This is the foundation of humanity and a civilised society. It involves expanding young minds to go beyond boundaries set to create new ideas, progressive thinking and pragmatic approaches in life. It does not involve us telling them what to do. We are only the guide not the conscience. This is lacking in our country.

Corruption is not a material disease. It’s a plague that affects the mind as well. Corruption of the mind with the complex of superiority was the very reason Bavani could not continue talking. It’s the very reason she was left flabbergasted as certain educated individuals chastised her for her line of questioning. It is the very reason she was robbed of her voice and humiliated in public. Fortunately, Bavani stood tall and walked with grace unparalleled for someone her age and education. Perhaps a dose of humility should do the trick for our so called animal rights advocate.

I urge Malaysians who read this to speak up. Speak up for this is our country and we should not tolerate this disease further. Speak up for this land of plenty robbed of its material and intellectual riches. Speak up for the silent majority who suffer persecution when their only crime is honesty. Speak up for the future of our children. Speak up for what you have known is right all along.

A final plea to Miss Bavani, please continue to speak up. To the one I shall not name… for once in your life…PLEASE LISTEN..


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