Happy birthday Appa…

This is an old post. I wanted it to be the first post on this blog. I have taken it from my previos blog which has since been discontinued…

       My dad is my life. He literally sustains me as if he is part of my soul. He is there when i slip and carries me when I fall and refuse to get up. I am ordinary but he is out of this world.    He has been the source of my inspiration. The light when all seems dark and lost. He taught us to dream and to believe that everything in life is possible if you work hard. “Trust in …God and He will be your guide”, he used to say. 
       He sacrificed so much so that I can have the best and be the best. I remember the look of joy in his eyes when i was happy. He is a simple man. When i am happy, he is overjoyed.    He is a man of uncommon strength. A man of strong principles. Unyielding and true. he made us believe that life without principles and conscience is a waste. Like walking on thin ice. When it breaks you go down crashing.   
      Appa, you have sacrificed so much for me. You have listened to all my whinings and continue to do so. You have made this common boy so special. You believed in me when no one else did. You saw me as a gift. You did not compare. You did not regret. All you did was drown me with your love and care. I was all that mattered to you.   
      Today is a special day, appa. The day where I learn to appreciate the greatest blessing in my life. You. And its the day I tell you how much you mean to me. Wherever i am you are always on my mind. You are within me. Thoughts of you keeps me strong. Your prayers keep me going. Your love keeps me alive.
      I know that you are proud of me. I swear that I will never let you down. What I was yesterday is devoted to you. What i am today is because of you. What i will become tomorrow is a reflection of you. We made it, Appa. We made it together. Happy birthday appa…and this is my gift. I love you so much.

3 responses to “Happy birthday Appa…

  1. Surely ur appa must be soo proud of u.. congrats to him.. trust in.. God and he will be ur guide.. totally agree with that.. Thanks!!


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